Gavriella's art word: she liked your post and then what?

The likes are important to start a relationship, but don't stop there!

Hi there,

I hope that your week went well!

This week, I lived through what my clients go through.

I applied my own advice, and I felt the fear!

If you’ve read a newsletter of mine before, do you know what I think is important for you to make sales?


You need to speak with your art buyers.

That’s the most important.

If you don’t know which art buyers to connect with, then we need to work on this step first.

But once you know, you got to start conversations with them.

You need to speak to them because they will give you all the answers you need: what to post, what they love in your artworks, the date they will be ready to buy.

Trust me, there is little chance you’ll get this information if you just get a like on your post.

So yesterday, I applied this advice in a different way, which is that I asked for feedback on my new programme Artists Excel at Finding Clients. This wasn’t really for me to make sales, but so I could help my clients better.

Asking these questions, allowed me to have the answers I couldn’t hear clearly before. It allowed me to adjust the programme so everyone gets the information they need from the programme.

Having conversations and getting curious about your art buyers answers will allow you to get much clearer about what you have to tell them so they buy your artworks, or in my case, so they understand how to sell their artworks.

So if you’re just having likes right now, get onto your private conversations and start chatting!

Have a great weekend!