Gavriella's art word: Shabbat morning

I'm finally chatting Nutella!

Hi there,

So you are receiving my newsletter on a Saturday morning this week, which is unusual.

I simply didn’t find the time to write it!

First of all, have you seen that I have an upcoming masterclass on the 5 main mistakes artists make when selling art on Instagram? It’s happening next Thursday at 5 pm and it’s going to be an exciting session!

I want in!

Have I ever told you about my Saturday mornings, which I would call as a child, Shabbat mornings?

I loved them.

We had a late breakfast with Nutella AND butter on hallah (traditional Jewish bread).

We read for a bit.

Then I cleaned a bit our dining room.

Then I helped with preparing lunch while stealing crisps in the kitchen.

I mean. Hallah, Nutella, butter, and crisps. That’s home to me.

Yes, that’s not healthy. I am a bit healthier now.

Why did I never tell you about this in a newsletter with a nice business lesson at the end?

Because I choose what to share!

This week, I was talking about this with an artist who felt they couldn’t share all of their stories to sell art in their newsletter. It was too personal.

You absolutely don’t have to share everything.

You pick.

You curate your newsletter and Instagram feed.

So don’t let my personal newsletters stop you from writing to your mailing list regularly.

You can create your own boundaries.

Have a lovely Saturday or Shabbat and boy do I want to eat hallah with butter and Nutella now!!!

Gavriella x

P.S.: If you want to check if you are making one of the 5 main mistakes artists do when selling art on Instagram, join the free masterclass next Thursday, at 5 pm UK time.

I want to know!