Gavriella's art word: pessimism isn't my forte

You want to make sure your art buyers share your values.

Hi there,

I hope that you are well.

I realized recently that I am not sharing my values clearly enough.

Values that are really important to me are inclusivity, kindness, and optimism.

I know, optimism is not a value as such.

It’s important to share what your values are because you want to make sure your clients are on the same page as you are.

The reason is that your art buyers will be around for a while.

They will buy again from you if you stay in touch.

So you want to make sure you like these people.

I want to make sure that the people I work with are kind, inclusive, and if they don’t feel optimistic, that they are at least inspired by optimism.

Optimism doesn’t mean to me that you have to believe that life is pink although it isn’t.

I think optimism helps you analyze what isn’t working, instead of giving up, knowing that there is a solution.

I can’t help anyone who thrives on pessimism, because I don’t do pessimism well!

Another value of mine is inclusivity.

I have made the mistake of not making that clear enough in the past and found myself speaking with people who are not inclusive at all.

That’s really not a nice moment to live, I promise.

What are the values you want to make sure your buyers have?

Gavriella x