Gavriella's art word: Laksas are my kind of food

Don't create a social media account for you or other artists if you want to sell art there.

Hi there,

How was your week?

What a busy week on my end!

My sister was here this week and I wanted her to spend a great holiday.

I knew she was expecting a lot from it and that she is always inspired when she travels.

She also really needed a break after a very chaotic year (for everyone).

Having exactly her taste in mind, I made the perfect holidays for her:

  • I chose the right restaurants as she doesn’t eat meat everywhere: pizza from the place she likes, fish&chips and vegetarian pie, so she feels a bit British.

  • I made her visit the City in London as she is very inspired by people working in businesses - she is a law student.

  • I advised her to go visit the National Gallery and Kensington Palace because I know she finds History exciting.

  • We went to a pub just once because she loves Peaky Blinders (I’m sorry I hate this show) and we had cider instead of beer because we both don’t like beer.

  • We had short walks (for me) which seemed like very long walks for her.

She said she had the best break in London!

I could have instead chosen to bring her to a classical music concert to which I often go, make her eat Malaysian food which I love but is way too spicy for her, or walk for eight hours like I often do.

I didn’t, because I wasn’t trying to make these four days nice for me.

I was trying to make it nice for her.

It’s the same when you create content on social media.

You don’t want your social media accounts to look nice for you or for other artists.

You want it to look nice for your buyers.

Your social media accounts are not a place for you to have fun.

It’s here to be consumed by your buyers, and therefore your content should be the content your buyers want.

This is the way you will be able for your buyers to always resonate with your captions and posts, and to bring them to a point where they relate so much to your artworks, that they are ready to buy from you.

Have a great week!

All the best,