Gavriella's art word: don't trust the process

You can trust it for a little while to see if it works, but please don't trust any process forever!

Hi there,

I hope that your week is starting well!

When you sell art online, you have got to trust the process a bit, but not forever.

You do have to try things for a little period of time, and then see if it works well or not.

For example, if you went to art school, you might have been told that the way to sell art, is to find an art gallery that will represent you and sell for you.

But then at some point, most artists realize, that it doesn’t work for most artists.

Even when representing you, the gallery might not be selling enough.

At that point, you had the option to look into selling independently or keep on waiting.

Some artists have decided to keep waiting and are probably still not selling.

You have decided you will sell art independently (that’s a good move).

That’s a decision you made, realizing the first strategy didn’t work, right?

This type of decision will be major in your art business.

If you hadn’t made this type of decision before, you would still be waiting for the gallery. See, it already worked for you. Keep doing it!

You will need to keep analyzing things that work and don’t.

Uploading your artworks on an art platform without doing any additional promotion didn’t work. Why? How can you improve this?

You posted on social media consistently, but you are not selling art online. Why? Where is the connection between your posts and the sale missing?

If the answer is no one is reacting, then you should ask how can I get people to react?

Sometimes, you won’t know, and you will have to learn it from someone else (hey, I can help you!).

But if you don’t do this work of consistently asking yourself what is working or not, you will not be able to improve the results.

Here is an exercise:

  • How many artworks did you want to sell in October?

  • What have you done to reach this goal?

  • Where is the connection between your work and the result lacking?

  • How can you improve this?

Let me know in the comments!

Gavriella x