About Gavriella Abekassis & The Artist Entrepreneur Club

My mission is to help artists find clients online, who love and want to buy your artworks.

Hi, I’m Gavriella!

Years of working in galleries have given me valuable experience and insights in:

●     sales

●     marketing

●     artist liaison

●     museums and institutions liaison

●     shipping and packing

●     putting together exhibitions

●     event and office management

●     art performance and installation research

●    accountancy and many other administrative tasks.

Most importantly, I learned how to talk to buyers to sell artworks.

I met many artists working in galleries, mistakenly believing that this is the only route to selling their own artworks but I am here as proof that there is another way.

The Artist Entrepreneur Club was born in May 2020, combining my love of Art, entrepreneurship and teaching. I’ve already helped hundreds of artists establish regular online sales of their art, some already reaching over £100k in sales!

If you want to build your life and business as an artist, then we need to work together!


Gavriella Abekassis
I'm Gavriella Abekassis, founder of the Artist Entrepreneur Club. I help artists who want to grow their online audience of art collectors and sell their artworks.