A practical path to becoming financially independent as an artist 🚀

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  • An in-depth article on how you can use digital tools to grow your audience as an artist and sell your artworks online without a gallery.

  • A simple challenge which, if you tackle it consistently, will lead you on the path to financial independence as an artist.

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My goal:

  • Help artists come to the realisation that they should and can take care of the business aspect of their careers on their own.

  • Lead artists on the path to financial independence by teaching them how to sell directly to the millions of art lovers out there!

Who am I and why should you listen to what I say?

After working for 5 years in art galleries throughout Europe (France, the Netherlands, and the UK), I’ve come to the realisation that the business model of art galleries is broken for artists.

On the one hand, by joining a gallery, not only do artists put their whole financial freedom into the hands of someone else, but galleries actually dedicate very little time to artists who don’t naturally sell well.

On the other hand, it’s never been easier to promote one’s work to billions of people via Instagram and to set up an online shop, do international shipping, and accept payment in every currency with Shopify.

With my experience in both the traditional art world and e-commerce/social media, I am best placed to help artists bypass galleries and build successful careers by reaching out and selling directly to their audience.